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The 2016 shows featured:


Comedian/writer/animal activist Elayne Boosler is best known for her thoughtful and feisty socially conscious humor, and her love of baseball and animals, all sharing a big part of her act. For over forty years, she has appeared on seemingly every talk show ever on TV, has written and starred in five one-hour Showtime stand up comedy specials, written and
directed two movies for Cinemax, appeared on HBO’s Comic Relief for years, on Politically
Incorrect with Bill Maher over thirty times, and has hosted specials, series, and events both live and on television. She has done lots of baseball color commentary, and sung the
National Anthem and/or thrown out a first pitch, many times for many teams.

In 1985 she financed her own comedy special “Party of One” (and no, she had no credit cards) when the cable networks would not let a female standup have a special. The success of that show blew open the gates of TV for female comedians. She recently spent
several years as the permanent guest host on Stephanie Miller’s syndicated radio show, and hosted the game show Balderdash for NBC in 2005-2006. She has traveled the world doing standup from Las Vegas to colleges to the London Palladium to the White House Press Correspondent’s Dinner for President Clinton, to clubs and theaters everywhere. She has performed for the Queen of England as well as the President and Congress at Ford’s Theater. She moderated the Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate on C-Span for NOW, and is very active in animal protection issues. In 2012 she performed for the US troops all throughout the Middle East and Africa. In 2013, she was commissioned by the Glendale Symphony Orchestra to write a performance piece for spoken word/orchestra. She wrote “Rescue – A True Story”, for piano, cello, clarinet and comedian. She has since performed this beautiful story of the life of a rescued dog with several symphony orchestras. She has written for TV, print and film, and you can find a current large body of her work at the Huffington Post:

Elayne has been involved in hands-on animal rescue and advocacy since 1996, and in 2001 founded, and runs, her own nationwide and beyond, all-species animal rescue and advocacy non-profit organization, (Elayne Boosler’s) Tails of Joy. See Tails of Joy has saved thousands of animals, made life better for thousands more, and advocates for better treatment of all animals throughout the world.

For a full catching up with Elayne’s career, schedule, and for press and pictures of forty years of bad hair, please see

Elayne appears on any show where comedy, politics, and/or animal issues come together, and was a regular on Current TV’s Viewpoint with John Fugelsang throughout 2013. She does scores of animal rescue benefits each year, and is back on the road with a new standup show. She is currently working on several writing projects, including a book entitled “Big Fun”. She is also writing a second book called “Elayne Boosler’s Tails of Joy”. She will be releasing a box set of four of her award winning specials, plus a bonus CD of new material, in winter 2016. For daily up to the minute comedy from Elayne, follow her on twitter @elayneboosler, Instagram @elayneboosler, and on her several Facebook pages:

Her fashion philosophy: “If you’re not covered in dog hair, your life is empty”.



Comedian and writer, Eddie Sarfaty, has appeared on The Today Show, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, Logo’s Wisecrack, The Joy Behar Show and is one of the subjects of the documentary, Laughing Matters.  Eddie’s appeared at clubs and colleges across the
country, and has entertained at corporate conferences, on cruise ships, and at a variety of special events. He has been featured at numerous comedy festivals including the prestigious Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal and The Toyota Comedy Festival in New York.

In 2008, “Second Guessing-Grandma,” a story of Eddie’s that appeared in the anthology, When I Knew, was made into a short film starring Tony-nominee Kathleen Chalfant. It’s been screened at film festivals across the US as well as in Italy, Britain, Bosnia, and Brazil and has won several jury prizes and audience-choice awards. Eddie’s first book, a collection of humorous essays entitled Mental: Funny in the Head (Kensington) received
excellent reviews, is currently in its third printing, and was the featured selection of the InsightOut Book Club, a division of Bookspan, for the month of its release.  In addition to When I Knew, Eddie’s had essays included in the anthologies, I’m Not the Biggest Bitch in This Relationship, Best Gay Stories 2013 and Love, Christopher Street.  His writing has also appeared in Huffington Post, Metrosource, Out, and LA Confidential magazines.

Eddie is on the faculty of The Theatre Lab in Washington, DC and New York University where he teaches courses in stand-up and comedy writing.



In 2014, Alex Edelman, a New York-based, Boston-raised comedian (who began doing stand up at 15), performed an hour-long show called “Millennial” at the Edinburgh Fringe. That hour won a Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Newcomer, revealed Edelman to the international stand-up community as one of its brightest young talents, and subsequently enjoyed nice runs and performances in London, Australia, New York, Los Angeles, and Sweden.

Edelman’s 2015 follow-up show, “Everything Handed to You,” has garnered even more unanimous acclaim. It sold out its entire run at this year’s Fringe and earned a bushel full of great reviews – it was the second best reviewed comedy show at the entire Festival – and its first work-in-progress performance, at the Leicester Comedy Festival, garnered Edelman a nomination for Best New Show.

Both of Edelman’s hours have examined his position amongst his peer group and he has written intelligently about Millennials in The Guardian, The Atlantic, among other places. He’s been opening for Simon Amstell a bunch this past year, which was really fun even though Simon is vegan. He’s also opened for Patton Oswalt, and toured with Eddie Izzard in Berlin and Moscow. He was a New Face of Comedy at Just For Laugh’s Festival in Montreal – which is like a big deal to comedy people and apparently two of your cousins – and, TV-wise, he’s done a surprising amount of Australian stuff, been on Comedy Central’s Comics To Watch and The John Bishop Show recently. Although he has no personal life to speak of, he enjoys Italian food and David Foster Wallace.



LISA GEDULDIG is a San Francisco-based comic and comedy producer. She’s the creator, producer, and MC of a variety of comedy shows: Kung Pao Kosher Comedy; The
George Bush Going Away Party: An Evening of Political Comedy; Funny Girlz: A Smorgasbord of Women Comedians; The Color of Funny: A Multi-Cultural Comedy Show; A Muslim, A
and A Jew Walk into A Bar: The Comedy of Religion. Lisa has produced Charo twice at The Herbst Theatre. For the past 8 years, she has been running a monthly show Comedy Returns to El Rio at El Rio in San Francisco’s Mission District where she began her comedy career 25+ years ago. Lisa’s first (and only) film, “Esther & Me,” a profile of
octogenarian, Esther Weintraub, a former comedian (Funny Girlz 2003), and resident at The Jewish Home San Francisco  screened at 12 film festivals  in the US, Canada, and
Europe as well as numerous senior centers. – Lisa also does
freelance PR (arts, health, news, politics) in both English and Spanish.

Lisa Geduldig



 **Attention press: Hi res photos of comedians are available for download on the Press Page.


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