Attendees kvelling

about Kung Pao

It was great to have you drop by our table on the Christmas Eve show… you are a gracious host.

You feel like family!

As always, the Long Beach Lieppmans loved your show and have a Christmas ritual of traveling to SF just to see you guys….never a

Thanks so much for thinking this whole thing up and putting it on year after year.

Just wanted to thank you again for helping these two lapsed Catholics celebrate the holidays.

We enjoyed last year’s show so much that we have been looking forward to it all year. This time dragging a few fellow Jewish friends along.

I’m so glad as a reformed Catholic to spend my Christmas Day with you! I can’t wait. I’ve been wanting to come see your show for years.

My daughter and I were convulsed with laughter so much of the time. As we returned to the garage to get the car, my daughter said to me, “It feels so good to laugh like that for a change.” She works in the field of AIDS/HIV and drug addiction. So there, you did another mitzvah.

It was terrific, and my friends all had a great time, as always. You are
doing a great job, and it is really nice being with so many other Jews in an event such as yours.

This is OUR Bar Mitzvah year for coming to your Xmas Eve show!

Thanks so much for announcing the anniversary of my parents.

Kung Pao Kosher Comedy was the highlight of my brother’s visit.

I can’t wait for another show this year. Last year I brought my parents from Chicago… They loved it. This year my teenage kids.

Stop teasing us and put the tickets on sale already!


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