So, nu, you were wondering…?

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+ Can I sit at at the front table?

Sorry, but all 370 of you cannot. Only the first 10 people to order tickets will be able to.

+ I’m hard of hearing. Will I be able to hear the show? (Can I sit at the front table?)

Half the audience is hard of hearing. Don’t worry, the sound will be perfect everywhere you sit.

+ Can I order food at the Cocktail Show?

No, sorry. The restaurant will have just finished cooking for 370 people at the Dinner Show and will not be taking orders. You will be served vegetarian Dim Sum, however. But it’s 8:30pm and it will just be a light fare, so eat beforehand!

+ Can I bring my 5-year-old?

A: The show is not recommended for kids under 13. But if you feel that it would be appropriate for your 6 or 10 year old, then it’s your call. It’s a comedy show geared toward adults. In 2014, one of the comedians was 14.

+ How about screaming babies?

Sorry, no babies, screaming or well-behaved. A baby’s cry can throw off the performers. And has. No roosters either. Someone brought one 10 years ago. Seriously. A service rooster, named Vern.

+ Is it true that Lisa Geduldig killed Henny Youngman?

Although she has been accused of doing so for 20 years, it didn’t exactly happen that way. The Kung Pao 1997 shows were indeed Henny’s last shows ever. He got a cold toward the end of the run, came down with pneumonia, and died two months later. Lisa was exonerated by his family, who said that he went the way he would have liked to have, performing up until the end.

+ Can you recommend a Chinese restaurant where we can eat before the Cocktail Show?

You can try Yuet Lee at the corner of Broadway and Stockton, 1-1/2 blocks from New Asia. It looks like a greasy hole in the wall, but it’s good.

+ Why is the late show called the Cocktail Show anyway? Don’t cocktails usually take place BEFORE dinner? Is this done just to confuse us?

Yes to all three. (Boy, you sure ask a lot of questions.) Kung Pao started out with one show in 1993. After that sold out, Lisa decided to do 2 shows the following year and for some unknown reason decided to call the 2nd one “The Cocktail Show.” There’s no turning back now.

+ What are the names of the tables at Kung Pao?

We’re so glad you asked! We have named the tables (in ABC order): Alan King, Barbra Streisand, Borscht Belt, Bubbelah, Catskills, Chicken Soup, Chopped Liver, Chutzpah, Fanny Brice, Farklempt, Gefilte Fish, Gilda Radner, Guilt, Hava Nagilah, Henny Youngman, Jackie Mason, Joan Rivers, Kasha Varnishkas, Kvetch, Latkes, Lenny Bruce, Mah Jongg, Manischewitz, Marx Brothers, Matzoh Brei, Meshugganah, Milton Berle, New York Bagel, Nosh, Rodney Dangerfield, Sammy Davis Jr, Schmooze, Seinfeld, Totie Fields, Treyf, Woody Allen, and Yenta.